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Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Laws

Our Bachelor of Laws with Honors is the most popular taught undergraduate law degree in the UK, but it’s not only for UK students. Through The London Modern Science College Law School, more than 500 students study law with us from around the world, including the Republic of Ireland and continental Europe.

During this course of study you’ll learn an introduction to law, legal concepts, and the all-important seven ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’, namely Contract and Restitution, Tort, Criminal law, Equity and trusts, EU law, Land law and Public law.

By the end of your studies you’ll have a degree that will be respected regardless of the career path you wish to take.

Why study law with The LMS College?

There are many reasons why more students study law with us than any other UK higher-education institution. As well as all the persuasive reasons for studying with us - such as our flexibility, reputation and excellent value - our law school is first-rate: you’ll learn from dedicated tutors who are solicitors, barristers and established law lecturers; you’ll receive first-class study materials; and you’ll receive outstanding guidance and feedback from us for your tutor-marked assignments.

Studying law is stimulating in its own right, and it’s also a smart career move. If you want to practice law professionally, a law degree is the first step – but it’s also a great asset for many other careers. The London Modern Science College’s Bachelor of Laws with Honors (LLB) is the most popular qualification of its kind in the UK. By the end of your studies, you’ll have the legal awareness needed to understand and apply the law, together with skills of legal analysis and methods; and you’ll be well prepared for further study or career development.

Key features of the course

  • Recognized by the law profession as a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD)
  • Covers the seven ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’ as required for a QLD
  • Provides the first academic stage of training for solicitors and barristers in England and Wales
  • Offers practical experience through an online law clinic
  • Gives you an understanding of the role and place of law in today’s society

Course details

This degree has three stages, each comprising 120 credits.

  • You’ll start Stage 1 with an introductory law module followed by a module that builds your knowledge of the concepts of law, law making and legal skills.
  • At Stage 2, you’ll study two modules covering contract and tort law, and public and criminal law.
  • Finally, in Stage 3, you’ll study a module with a focus on equity, trusts and land law,

Learning outcomes, teaching and assessment.

This qualification develops your learning in four main areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Cognitive skills
  • Practical and professional skills
  • Key skills

The level and depth of your learning gradually increases as you work through the qualification. You’ll be supported throughout by the London Modern Science College’s unique style of teaching and assessment – which includes a personal tutor to guide and comment on your work; top quality course texts; e-learning resources like podcasts, interactive media and online materials; tutorial groups and community forums.

Classification of your degree

On successfully completing this undergraduate course, you'll be awarded the Bachelor of Laws (LLB). You'll have the opportunity to attend a degree ceremony (DEPENDS UP ON VISA RE QUIRMENTS)

Recognition in your country

If you intend to use your London Modern Science College’s qualifications to seek work or undertake further study outside the UK, we recommend checking whether your intended qualification will meet local requirements for your chosen career.